'Kill Mother Earth'

Silent Statement

Photographer: Lee Kay-Barry
Photographer: Lee Kay-Barry

What is it exactly?
It’s a peaceful outdoors art statement with initial idea to wake you up and provoke you to be more mindful is regards of your waste and the way you do towards the planet on everyday basis. Of course there is evil idea behind – to reach also governments, powerful individuals and corporations claiming changes on the massive scale for global impact.

First on 23.02.2020 is from Trafalgar Square towards Soho, via Leicester Square continued through Piccadilly circus and then towards Green Park station through Mayfair towards Oxford Street via Oxford circus down to Regent’s street and so on.

Next one:
If any, to be confirmed.

Photography by Barney Cook

‘Kill Mother Earth’ – why not? We are already doing our best on this, aren’t we? There is no time for waiting anymore; we should act on saving and sustaining what we have. I know there is not much what we as individuals can do on the massive scale or at least this is how we are conditioned to think – something I believe needs to change, because the ignorance got us here in panic. I have left my suggestions for little changes at the end of this page, in case you like to take a look.

Initially ‘Kill Mother Earth’ is an art manifestation to wake more humans up to start the change from themselves. The desire behind is to become a movement and to reach also governments and corporations in changing their global impact sooner than later.

‘Kill Mother Earth’ is a peaceful provocation created to move YOU.’

Harry Rudham – Artist

Claudia Lucia Spoto – Body Painter 

Lee Kay-Barry – Artist 

And others who decided to be unknown.

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What can me and you do?

Here is a short list of suggestions, that you already know and I may be only reminding you but I will still do 😉
  • cut your plastic usage to minimum (it is doable)

  • cut down the toilet paper – you can use a washing pot and a towel instead – it’s much more healthier, it saves money and it’s sustainable (YES, I do it)

  • use reusable cups, mugs, water bottles

  • when you go out in nature and you see rubbish, have a bag with yourself and collect some on the way (YES, I do that too)

  • hug a tree, walk barefoot on the grass, be kind to nature, thank for the apple you are eating

  • it may sound very off topic but it is a way to show your appreciation and express love, this way you will feel more connected with nature and you will see how your mentality changes towards the common good

  • meditate, do yoga and just try to be more mindful (it’s a good exercise to observe your thoughts and see which ones are good for you, good for all, not good for you, not good for all

  • we all have the chatter within, look what your chatter is telling you because everything was just a thought once in a while)

  • eat more fruits and veggies, if you eat meat and dairy products do it from local farms (it’s doable)

  • try to stop buying from big corporations and support locals, especially the veggies that are wrapped with plastic – when see it that it still exist, literally breaks my heart

  • grow your own veggies, plant a tree, plant and take care of flowers

  • teach your children in love towards the nature and show them (I don’t have kids yet, so can’t talk about this a lot, but feel like it is very important topic. The danger now is the ways the new ones think, because the generation that’s growing is on their plastic sources – phones, tablets and so on – since they came out of their mothers. Think about what type of human you are growing – another consumer or a healthy loving being…)

  • look at the planet as your mother, you may hate her sometimes but in general – you’ve got

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