Da Mission
Is a compilation of the names of Olga Docheva a.k.a. O.G.Koleff
The dream is to write and act in films that are not possible in the reality.
Olga Docheva was born as a Bulgarian but because of the traveling in the past five years she does feel like a Global citizen. She is the one created OlgaKoleff as a brand.
Products available soon.
OlgaKoleff is the name she started using in the early days of her career as an actress in London city. Not that she became super famous but the study she did with Tom Radcliffe in the London Group Theatre and the roles she took as Lisa in Bruises (2017), Sofia in The Roots Ours (2018), The Dark Wizard in Fantastic Beasts 2 (2018) made her believe she is a ‘I can do it’ type of person. The policy of Olga is to grab it and just do it, when it comes to a role or any other job role in the film industry.
Initially Olga Docheva was a dancer and choreographer. Still in her teenage years she was a choreographer of a couple of stage gigs, dancer in productions on the stage of National Palace of Culture and dance teacher in one of the most progressive private dance school at that time in Sofia – MONTFIZ. After graduating her BA degree, Olga took the path on script writing creating the writing nick name – O.G. Koleff. In the collaboration with her acting colleague- Savina Sedghi a.k.a. Sassy, O.G.& Sassy was born not only written a few short films, but also produced a Rap song. This led them to expansion of their network and later they moved to London city for a TV series job.
As a writer O.G.Koleff like to create stories that are inspiring and expanding the human beings watching it. Currently with her colleague Nikol Kostova, they are in the Development stage of Samodiva, the film and opening the production company MyMoonA. Their previous work together can be seen either on the website www.mymoona.eu or in the writer’s section of this very website.
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