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[third_column align=”left” class=”” animation=”rollIn”][header type=”6″]Olga Docheva tells what is like to be a part of [highlight style=”bold” color=”yes”]”Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)”[/highlight], as well as who she is and what she’s been up to lately. [/header]

Read the full article here.

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[header type=”5″][highlight style=”light” color=”yes”]OLGA Docheva is represented by:[/highlight][/header]

Jess Langford
Number 5, 651 Rochdale Road, Manchester M9 5SH
Phone: 0161 277 9360 / 020 7206 2759
Fax: 0161 237 1904
Mobile: 07427 616549


[row id=”cv” padding=”bottom” paddingtype=”medium” chapter=”true”][full_column align=”center”][header type=”3″]Credits[highlight style=”light” color=”yes”]:[/highlight][/header][/full_column][/row]
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[header type=”5″][highlight style=”light” color=”yes”]FILM AND TV:[/highlight][/header]

Tinder Amazon ROSE Nikol Kostova
Корени нашенски (production) Sofia Venelina Hadzhieva
The Cherry Tree (pre-production) Sarah J. Stone Ivan Troopa
Bruises Lisa Ognyanova Vince Gade, Fox and Chips
In the Shoes of…Ep. 2, Jossefine Sparrow Jossefine Sparrow Tatyana Gancheva Production
In the Shoes of…Ep. 1, Cherry Cherry Tatyana Gancheva Production
The Gallery Tony Aleksander Milushev, NATFA Productions
Fresh Face Claudia Ny Foss,
The Night of Dreams Client Bobby Kostov, Team Dream Productions
Love.Net Girl Ilian Djevelekov, Miramar Films

[header type=”5″][highlight style=”light” color=”yes”]THEATRE:[/highlight][/header]

Digs Mrs. Schiller Rob Jordan, the Bamstaple Baptist Church
Burlesque, the show Ali Semir Alkadi
The House of Bernarda Alba Magdalena Ekaterina Kazakova
Cassandra Village lady Ekaterina Kazakova

[header type=”5″][highlight style=”light” color=”yes”]Music video clip:[/highlight][/header]

Winter The Bitch Bobby Kostov, Team Dream Productions
Transformation Alien Giorgo Bosisio

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Location: London, London, United Kingdom
Height: 5’5″ (165cm)
Weight: 9st. 7lb. (60kg)
Playing age: 20-30 years
Appearance: Eastern European, Scandinavian, White
Nationality: Bulgarian

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Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Red/Titian
Hair length: Mid length
Voice character: Direct
Voice quality: Low

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[header type=”5″][highlight style=”light” color=”yes”]Skills:[/highlight][/header]

Accents & Dialects: (* = native) East European*, German, Russian
Languages: (* = Native/Fluent) Bulgarian*
Music & Dance: (* = highly skilled) Burlesque, Choreography*, Contemporary Dance, Folk Dancing*, Greek Dancing
Performance: Dancer-Professional, Forum Theatre, Green Screen, Meisner Technique, Physical Theatre, Strasberg Technique
Sports: (* = highly skilled) Boxing, Cycling, Lifeguard (NPLQ), Running, Swimming*, Swimming (Open Water)*, Yoga
Vehicle Licences: Car Driving Licence
Other Skills: Barista (experienced), Beach Lifeguard, Choreographer (professional), Dance Teacher, Hair Model, Lifeguard, Scriptwriter (professional), Writer

[header type=”5″][highlight style=”light” color=”yes”]Training:[/highlight][/header]

London Group Theater, Tom Radcliffe, Meisner Technique, 2016 – 2018

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