Help the Environment

Project name:
#Letovnik Travel & Clean, Asia Vol.2

Sometime in October will be the starting date and the length of it will be according to my savings, your donations and support from the local partners.

What exactly will I do?
I will go to the beaches and collect rubbish left by other humans, and then I will help dispose of it in the local bins.

I am working on preparing a map beforehand, which will be considered upon research of the most needed places.

What I need?
I need fellow travelers to support and join me on #Letovnik Travel & Clean, Asia Vol.2 project;
I have been supported by lovely local businesses in my previous cleanup efforts and hopefully can continue to count on their support in whatever way they can help.
Also looking for good vibes and connecting with global partners such as companies or individuals to support me/us with tools, equipment, clothes, shoes, financial donations, follows and shares.
All local authorities that can support the cause on the way are very welcome too.

All of the rest of the details will be clear on the website as time goes along.

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Why not join or support #Letovnik Travel & Clean, Asia Vol.2 project:
Are you prepared to support yourself in this (materials & body paint)?

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