Аtists I’ve worked with

Claudia Lucia Spoto

Claudia Lucia Spoto was a great last touch on the creation of my silent statement ‘Kill Mother Earth’ . She was my body painter and done a great job in painting my whole body and face including as the Mother Earth only for hour and a half.

Claudia came down from Bristol, after 10 mintues chat we became in oneness for the project. Her professionalism and efficiency was shown when discussing how the process will go. Claudia was a great joyful person to be around; she really uplifted me in the beginning of this long day. When started painting me, I was in love with the blue, it was amazing feeling of having the power to create your avatar uniquely different even for a day.

What else I loved in working with Claudia is the fact that she uses vegan eco paint, bamboo cotton bugs and so on!

I recommend Claudia Lucia Spoto for every genuine celebration or performance you have.
High vibrations only.

Here is what Claudia shares from her POV about ‘Kill Mother Earth’:

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