Me before the Y

ME before the Y

ME before the Y

There is not really me before the Y. I am a Y generation. Therefore everything no matter what was a subject of the question ‘Why’.

‘Originally coming from a Bulgarian folklore dance background, this actually helped me throughout the years ahead cause of the discipline and the enormous pool of ideas that I can draw from the folklore. Currently, this knowledge is useful for festivals, such as Meadows in the Mountains where I will be leading a folklore workshop for a third year. It is certainly one of the best places in the world for joy, music, new friends and good times in nature. The festival is in Rodhopa mountain and it is eco from the top till the tail. Check it out here.’

Fun act – I do hold a BA degree on Dance and Dance teaching and had stopped working as a dance teacher and choreographer in the same year I got my diploma.

Why? Because I was utterly bored of it at that time; it was 2012-2013 and I knew I want to pursue career as an actress. Soon after I’ve realized that I need to move away from Bulgaria, because for the last 14 year I had been introducing myself as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer – and at that time I was a really good networker, so you can imagine. There was no way for anyone to take me as an actress, I needed to go out. At that time me and a college friend of mine (we were in the same acting school in Bulgaria) started handing out together, creating ideas and calling ourselves O.G.& Sassy. In this time 2012-2014 we had our first attempts towards writing scripts. We even didn’t know at that time how accurate we were in terms of the writing language and structure of a feature film. We had a few written shorts, one feature film, and nothing shot. Anyhow, this was a time of fun, learning and nicknames – I still stay as O.G. Koleff for my script writing work.

Than the question ‘What does this mean?’ started creeping and it drastically changed my life going through a few stages up till this very moment.

Why? ‘O.G.& Sassy moved to London, there they started looking for jobs, for acting schools, for recognition… and there they separated – O.G. made a short film Fresh Face with Ny Senior, Ivo Tonchev, Valentin Stoev, Lewis Lucas and Mel Stevens… without telling Sassy, Sassy had lots of opportunities and tried all of the fruits in the garden of Eden… They tried to get back together but it never worked out in the city of London… Sassy had a wonderful life from the POV of O.G., where she got back to Olga and started pursuing acting knowledge from different schools AMAW, PEM, The Chubbeck Technique until finally she found the one she was looking for – Tom Radcliffe and there the question ‘What does this mean?’ happen to shape Olga’s new world.’

In the period of 2015 till mid 2017 I bounced from acting to writing back and forth, this was time when I attended the intensive course of Golan Ramraz for script writing, there I’ve written the first ever finished version of ‘Samodiva’ and also there I’ve realized that back then in 2012 we were on the right track. This was the time when I’ve been part of Bruises, a feature film made out of scratch. In this period of time I went travelling on my own for the first ever time in my life, called ‘My NO Phone Trip Challenge’ in which I was in Italy for three weeks without phone whatsoever, with a GoPro camera and a laptop. I went from Rome to Sicily back to Milan for an acting class – this is how dedicated I was, I was after Tom Radcliffe everywhere he goes.

In that place and time the ‘as if’ hit me for a ramble of a journey. This is when I have made a new decision for my character; this is when I’ve stopped working anything else but filmmaking.

Straight after I came back from Italy, me and Tatyana Gancheva, Ivan Troopa, Tippy Elgar, Mina Janjatovic and Bozhidar Peychev shot an experimental short film called The Cherry Tree– it never worked well but it was a good trial for all of us. Then my new journey started with a phone call invitation from Bulgaria for filming in a feature film in the summer of 2017. This was the first feature film in which I was not only an actress but I was also a script supervisor. Thankfully it was a documentary with some fiction elements and thankfully the technical crew knew what they are doing, cause I had never been a script supervisor before that in my life. At that time I was more like a mixture of stand by props, 3rd AC (cause I was doing the slate) and 3rd AD (cause I was dealing with crowd) but the reality of the credit is that I was a script supervisor and luckily enough there weren’t any mistakes when watched the final cut. But it was surely hell of a journey. There I met for a second time in my life Nikol Kostova and with her we started working on development of the idea of Samodiva. I’ve gone back and forth London-Sofia, in 2017-2018. Nikol and I, with the support of Georgi Genk Kiurpanov, Andrei Adodnin, Zara Kamenova and Miglena Topuzova attended to the 24 hours challenge of Nu Boyana Film Studios, and created the short film: Tinder Amazon which was not understood from the Bulgarian audience but was well accepted in London when Savina Sedghi (Sassy) had presented it to a few screenings and off to festivals. After that I was part of an internship in Nu Boyna Film Studios, where learned more about filmmaking and script supervision. Later on we shot the proof of concept for ‘Samodiva’ and straight after that I when off shooting as a script supervisor assistant to Maralyn Causley in Rambo: Last Blood where I learned a lot from the work with her. This is when I’ve realized that script supervisor’s job is not easy but it looks like it is one I can carry on doing. In the meantime Nikol and I opened a company – ‘MyMoonA Productions Ltd.’ – this was the official start of our own business.

After ‘Rambo’ I’ve stayed travelling in Tenerife, this was the time where I certainly realized I am made for a hot island in the ocean. There was no doubt about it, it was just a matter of time which will be my island (still not having the answer on this one, but Gili T was very close to be the one and only). At the time being in Tenerife, I’ve finally realized the freedom in travel, and realized how important it is for one to feel good and even though that I have continued working on ‘Samodiva’ (Yes, I know still on it even now – Feb 2020) I was feeling so much alive as I have never been. I came back in Bulgaria and was already different.

2019 was a year of change, this is when with MyMoonA Productions things gone wrong, this is when I went off to Saudi Arabia, this is when I had a feature film The Obscure Life of the Grand Duke of Corsica as a main and only script supervisor, this is when I went off to Indonesia and this final journey in Nov-Dec 2019 left me with no other choice but to take a look of the value of my life time existence, the quality of giving towards the Mother Earth and WHY am I here for… This leads me to today’s date, when I am in front of my believes, naked off the promises made in the past and with open heart in the current for serving art, environment and freedom.

To find out more about my coming projects, how to join me or support me, please, visit pages: ART or ENVIRONMENT or subscribe to my newsletter (only once a month, I promise ;).

olga docheva a.k.a. o.g.koleff © 2020

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