Finding freedom through the Y


Because there is no more time for waiting…
Because there is a strong desire, ever evolving, non-stopping to start doing stuff for The Mother Earth, desire that matters more than just a self-tape for a casting director, date with someone from Tinder, more than a meal with an inconsiderate friend and more than my tidy stardust life.
Because this is bigger than the worry of anything in our short life existence, bigger than the anger amongst one another, more than the inventions of our evolution.
Because there is a need for more people to rise up and start the change from themselves.
Because if not me and you, then WHO?
Because the celebrities are there to awake us, to make us conscious but they don’t hold magic wands to stop everything now, they are doing as much as they can.
Because She, the Mother Earth, needs actions from all of us. If we don’t live our lives with appreciation towards Her than towards whom?
Because I love Her and more people should be drawn to the truth, and start living truthfully. Part of the truth is that in the past 103 years since the scourge known as plastic has been created, we have managed to dirty our home to the extent of real danger of losing wild life and nature forever.
Because it is our duty to collect what has been rubbished in the nature, there are no excuses.
Because she was here for us from the beginning of time, now it is time for us to be here for Her.

Everything started when I went to Indonesia… Everyone that has been there before me told me that I would never be the same after it, at that time I didn’t really know what they meant. But there in the idyllic small island of Gili T, in my first night under the beautiful sky full of stars, the almost full moon and the musical sounds of the western clubs in the dark side of the island which was killing the ocean sounds something hit me…

What are the locals of a certain Earth spot for?
They should be there to protect, to sustain and look after the nature the same way they look after their families. People are born where they are born for a reason. We need to have the same respect for our homes’ land that our ancestors before us did. This is what we are here for, we are part of the Earth. Being amongst the most sentient being on Earth it is our duty to be the caretakers not the takers.

We need to sustain what has been given from the ancient ones and develop it, but not change it drastically. The wisdom has it’s own way to show us what is right and what is wrong, we just need to trust it and to find way to connect with it (The Wisdom).

It is wrong for Indonesia to become westernized. We as westerners when we arrive need to listen and be guided by the locals. And locals should show us traditional ways of doing things. That is why we travel – to explore new horizons not to have the same over and over again. The realization is that we are here to give to one another, therefore we will give our gold, but you need to be truthful to your roots and stop destroying your own planet peace. This place, Gili T, is soooooo beautiful by itself. It doesn’t need the noise of the western music; it doesn’t need plastic in the ocean; it needs care and love. This shall apply for any other wild nature place in the world.

What these places need is more acceptance and love from humankind, cleaning the beaches off rubbish, taking care of the wild life, genuinely becoming one with nature by hugging trees, meditation, yoga, cleaning the ocean, the forests and all nature. Because all it does all the time is GIVE unconditionally, like a Mother, because she is the Ultimate Mother Earth. No matter how much we hurt Her, she still keeps giving to us… Until in one moment she turns her back and starts destroying – which has already started, hasn’t it? And it is only because she is trying to warn us somehow.

There is still time to reverse; there is still hope for salvation we just need to be seriously taking the notes and do as much as we can on daily a basis. We only have MOTHER EARTH, let’s start taking care of Her TODAY! Because at the end of the day she will stay, we will be absorbed and taken in Her, because we are part of Her. This may be is only a wicked concept of my crazy mind…

Anyhow, I did start taking care of Her, because I love Her, and I want the next generations to see her as beautiful and sustained as possible. How you can start today too? Go and clean the local forest with friends, go to the beach and clean what has been there left from others, start using reusable cups, bottles, washing pot instead toilet paper, make recycling your way of living, but try to cut the waste as much as possible. We can’t stop the global warming on our own, the corporations and governments need to take actions, but the difference can start from ourselves. As crazy as this may sound – to show love by hugging a tree, meditating in the nature or doing yoga on the grass is giving Love back to Her, and this is also a step forward. Cleaning the beach you sun bathing all day, collecting plastic off the ocean, cleaning the forest after others is way to say ‘Thank you for being here for me. I love you.’

We shall start TODAY with more appreciation to HER.

I have started collecting rubbish off the beaches, every day for an hour or so. Simply because even this is not my rubbish this is my only home and only mother – The Mother Earth. This made me think of everyone that throw their rubbish in nature, and realized that maybe there will always be a percentage of the human kind that doesn’t care, and will continue to do that action. I’ve also thought that the big corporations won’t turn around suddenly even if all the most famous actors and public figures scream together – STOP WITH THE EMMISSIONS, STOP THROWING RUBBISH OFF BOARD IN THE OCEAN, STOP CREATING PRODUCTS WRAPPED WITH PLASTIC. But even so there will be more people like me that will go and clean the left rubbish, people that will be mindful about their waste and the crazy ones to hug trees and meditate in nature. And this is exactly WHY I am doing this – because I believe it starts from ME and YOU.

Currently in preparation of my next #Letovnik Clean & Travel in Asia. The current starting date is still unclear, however I am aiming to start somewhere in October 2020.
All of the rest of the details will be added on the website as time goes along.

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